Why Paneer?







 Nutritional Comparison


A healthier option




Packed with nutrients, paneer has long been a top choice as a healthy vegetarian protein. Each 1oz (28g) serving size of Sach Paneer has 6g of protein ( 2x no of grams in tofu) and only 2g of carbs, making it super nutritious and Keto-friendly.




Grill it, fry it, bake it, or eat it straight from the package. Paneer doesn't melt, so there are countless creative ways to use paneer. Get creative with how you want to use Sach Paneer to bedazzle/enhance/flavor your meal.We make tacos, salads, pizza topping, curries, rice bowls, and countless other dishes with our paneer. We hope you get inspired and post your creative dishes on instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @sachfoods