The Sach Difference



The paneer available in the US market today is mass produced, non-organic and often lacks flavor and creativity. The only way to consume the paneer available in the market today is to cook it with something. We wanted paneer to be more convenient and easier to use. To do this, we flavored paneer with natural herbs to create innovative and delicious flavors. As a result, you can add Sach Paneer to any meal for extra nutrition and taste, or eat it alone as a super convenient snack! We are also the original organic flavored paneer company in the US. 

Production Process

Our product is created in small batches that are handcrafted and artisanal. We don’t optimize our production for cost efficiency. We optimize for quality and taste. We wanted our paneer to resemble the paneer we grew up eating - soft and creamy. We worked really hard and spent several months to get the texture just right. As a result, Sach Paneer is super-soft, bursting with natural flavors, always organic and ridiculously delicious.