Paneer is an un-aged, non-melting fresh cheese made without rennet or any cultures. Made with five or less ingredients, our organic paneer is the perfect protein addition to any meal.

Every 1 oz serving of our paneer has 7g of protein (2x the protein of tofu) and <1g of carbohydrates. It’s completely vegetarian and loaded with healthy fats to keep you full longer.

Yes! The entire pack of Sach Paneer has only 6g of carbs. Each serving is just 1g of carb and tons of protein and good fat.

Paneer is a perishable dairy product and should always be stored in the refrigerator in the original wrapping until ready to use.

If stored properly, Sach Paneer should last until the best-by date printed on the packaging. Our shelf is usually 3 months from the day the cheese is made.

Yes, you can safely freeze Paneer in its original, unopened package to extend its shelf life. If already open, wrap it in a single layer of plastic wrap followed by a layer of foil to avoid freezer burn. We recommend keeping the product in the refrigerator the night before you plan to use it. It will help with a slow and more natural thaw. Please note, freezing Paneer might change its texture, making it more crumbly.

The paneer when frozen should last for an additional 6-8 weeks from the best buy date printed on the unit.

We use 100% natural, organic herbs to flavor our Paneer. We handpick every ingredient and source it from ethical producers who have a history of making sustainable products. Please check out our products page for more information on specific ingredients in each flavor, as well as nutrition facts.

Yes, we only use Organic pasteurized milk to make our Paneer.


Barring any unforeseen delays on the carrier side, all shipments are expected to arrive within 2 business days from the time they leave our facility.

To ensure the product doesn't get held up over the weekend, we ship most orders Monday through Wednesday. Some orders quality for Saturday delivery and we can ship those on Thursday. Once the product has shipped, you should automatically receive a tracking number that can help track your package. Please keep in mind that delivery may take longer during/after holidays or severe weather conditions. We recommend keeping a close eye on your tracking information.

Please refrigerate the products as soon as you are able to and keep them refrigerated at-least 6-8 hours before consuming.

We use insulated packaging and frozen gel packs to ensure quality protection of our paneer. The enclosed frozen gel pack keeps the paneer cool during most of the shipment but may become ambient near the end of the journey due to varying seasonal conditions. If you do receive the shipment in ambient or warmish temperature, please refrigerate the product overnight (or at least 6-8 hours) before trying it.

Here are some other things we suggest to look for to determine if the product is still good:

  • Visual Test- Vacuum package/plastic seal around the paneer itself: Is the seal intact and not super loose or bloated? If it is tight, then the product should be fine.
  • Smell Test - Does the product have a foul/pungent vinegary smell or taste? If not, then the product should be fine. If yes, then the product should be composted.

We always want our customers to have a great experience and will do everything possible to make sure orders are shipped in a timely manner. If the shipment is delayed or the product gets damaged as a result of a delayed shipment (e.g. inclement weather; mechanical failure) or you're unhappy with the product you receive, we will try our best to replace or refund your order. Unfortunately, we can't replace or refund lost, damaged or spoiled product due to incorrect delivery addresses or shipments that haven’t been refrigerated within a couple of hours after delivery. Thank you for supporting our small business.